Give Your Car a New Look With Dechroming

Having chrome details on a car, such as bumpers, window surrounds, door trims and more, is a common look that cars often come with. Many people like the look of chrome on their cars, but many don't. If you want a look that is more of a stealth appearance, you may like the effects of dechroming. This places a black finish on the chrome areas to give it a very different look. These black areas can be either a gloss or matte finish. With dechroming, the chrome is covered by a wrap that will give the areas the desired colour, which is usually black but can also be in other colours. This is a great way to improve the way your car looks without spending a lot on major upgrades to the vehicle. It's a way to update the look of your car as well as to make it more customized.

Light tinting is a way of customizing your vehicle so that it has slightly tinted areas that protect lights. This light tinting protects your lights better, and it looks great on virtually any vehicle. These tints are MOT compliant and are perfectly road legal in the U.K. It's an affordable way to change up the look of your car and give it an aspect that not everyone has. Light tinting is done by having a film installed over the clear protectors of your headlights and tail lights. This changes the look of both the front end and the rear end of your vehicle. We offer both a super gloss light tinting and medium smoked tinting. They both do a great job of improving the look of the vehicle as well as protecting the lights, and they meet all road regulations in the U.K.