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What is car wrapping?

Car wrapping is the process of covering a car in a thin, pliable vinyl. Often used as a branding exercise, car wrapping allows you to utilise the surface of your car as an advertising space.

What is "colour change wrapping?"

Colour change is a similar process of covering a vehicle in vinyl, however requires a few more steps to achieve a paint like finish. More often than not, it involves the application of coloured vinyl, as opposed to a digitally printed vinyl which would be used to display graphics. There are hundreds of colours and textures to choose from including matte and satin finishes.

What are the benefits of car wrapping?

– Keep your car but change the colour
– Change the colour as often as you like
– Cheaper than a respray
– Protect your paintwork, adding value when you come to sell
– Sell your car with its original colour
– Easily achieve a matte finish

How much does vehicle wrapping cost?

A full wrap on a hatchback will start from £1400 + VAT. The cost will increase with size, the complexity of the project and the material choice. We never compromise on any aspect of the wrapping process and we take the utmost care when working on your vehicle and this will reflect in our work.

How long does a vinyl wrap last?

Car wraps are not permanent and are a temporary colour change. Most types of vinyl have a life-span of approximately five years.

Is it easy to remove a vinyl wrap?

It’s not easy to remove a vinyl wrap, after all it needs to withstand all weather together with the daily stresses and strains of being on the road. Generally, the longer the vinyl has been in place, the longer it will take to remove. Nonetheless, vinyl is designed to be a form of paint protection and therefore the process of removal will not damage your paintwork – assuming the paintwork was in a good condition when the vinyl was applied. Due to the complexity of the disassembly it is advised that you have any wrap proffesionally removed to ensure it is done correctly.

Will a vinyl wrap damage my car paint work?

If your paintwork is of a good standard when the wrap is applied, then the vinyl will not damage your paintwork.

Will a vinyl wrap cover chips, scuffs, dents and rust?

No – a vinyl wrap will not hide the imperfections of your paintwork. The vinyl itself is very thin and so defects such as chips, key lines, rust and poor paintwork will show through. If any body work is required prior to a wrap, Amigo Wraps can advise on this and have the work done for you to ensure a smooth wrapping process.

Why opt for vehicle wrapping opposed to a paint job?

A wrap is intended to be a short-term solution to colour change. A respray on the other hand, is very permanent. A wrap allows you to enjoy your car in any given colour, but then remove the wrap if you wish, for example, to re-sell it in the original paintwork. For instance, it would be easier to sell a red Ferrari than a blue one.

Can i wrap individual parts of my vehicle?

Yes you can. Roofs, mirrors, dechroming are all popular services that we offer to enhance the look of a vehicle without the larger price tag of a full wrap.

Do i need to inform DVLA after a colour change wrap?

Yes – it is a legal requirement to inform the DVLA of a colour change. The process involves updating your registration certificate (V5C).