Window Tinting

Better Protection With Window Tinting

When you want to protect your car, you might not think of window tinting. However, it works in a number of protective ways. Window tinting on a vehicle is done by adding a transparent sheet of film to the inside surface of the windows. Many people like this look because it gives them more privacy and gives the vehicle a stealthy look. However, it can also protect you and the inside of your vehicle. With window tinting, your windows will protect the inside of your vehicle from UV rays, meaning less fading of the interior. Window tinting can also help the inside not to heat up as much in the sunlight. It also gives you privacy and better security, and it can protect you from glass shattering. It's an inexpensive way to protect your car and yourself as well as add to your car's looks.

The brake calipers are visible to anyone who sees your car, and they often get rusty and appear tarnished. When this happens, it drags down the appearance of the entire car. However, we offer caliper painting to rejuvenate the way they look. They can be painted any colour so that you get a custom look. The first step is to clean the caliper and prepare it for its paintwork with a wire brush. Then, the caliper is sanded to give it a smooth finish without imperfections. Then, the calipers are painted. If you choose, you can also have a decal applied to your calipers for an even more customized look. After the caliper painting, allow them to dry for 24 hours before you see the new, fresh look of your calipers. Then, you'll have calipers that look new and can elevate the look of your car.